Things College has taught me thus far

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1. The most convenient place for a pencil, is in my hair.

2. Math wasn’t actually created for the sole purpose of crushing my dreams. (It has a couple other purposes too)

3. Sleep becomes more important and less likely to happen.

4. So, naps are a good thing.

5. You don’t necessarily have to do all the reading assigned… (But I do mom and dad, really)

6. Homework party is an oxymoron.

7.  It’s not considered socially acceptable to sleep through lecture, regardless of how lulling your teacher’s voice is.

8. Finals are intentionally given at the most inconvenient times possible.

9. It will rain on the one day I am without an umbrella.  All the other times that I have it with me there will be nary a raindrop in sight.

10. Sometimes (like now for instance) blogging is a better use of my time then homework.


Thematic Photographic 131- Blue


About a year and a half ago, I went to Hawaii with the square.  The family of one of our square members has a house there and they were nice enough to let us go down with them for a week.  Being a bunch of girls (and one really long suffering older brother) we spent a lot of time shopping.  But we also spent a lot of time on the beach.

We headed for the beach pretty much as soon as we stepped off the plane.

I think these pictures are just right for this week’s thematic photographic, blue!  I love the way the blue sky and the even bluer ocean run together.  I like how deep the blue is in the first two, and then in the last how it’s a little bit paler and cloudier, but still blue.

See more wonderful blue pictures here!




It’s Hip to be Square!


Well, it’s been a whole week since I posted.  My excuse is that school started this week and I’ve it’s been kind of crazy.


These, are my homegirls.  They would laugh at me if I said that in real life.   This picture was taken shortly before I hit my awkward stage, (which I’m still waiting to grow out of, by the way).  I’m the one looking extraordinarily excited about who knows what, (maybe I was wrong about not being in the awkward stage yet).  We call ourselves the square (because there’s four of us, like the four sides of a square.  Clever right?)  We’ve been best friends for just about as long as I can remember.   Together we made it through all twelve grades.  We’ve had serious talks, and watched a lot of really silly romantic comedies.  We’ve sung too loudly to the radio, and talked too loudly in the middle of the night.  We’ve boosted the sales of countless clothing lines, and cookie dough makers.  We talk about everything from boys, to our imaginary future kitchens, (mine’s going to be sort of old fashioned with checkered curtains).  We have birthday parties, and reading parties.  We’ve taken trips together and spent long summers at home, full of sleep overs and trips to the library.  We cheered each other on at recitals, soccer games, play performances, and most recently at our High School graduations.  We’ve bickered quibbled, and had our thoughtless moments, but we’ve stuck it out.  When one of us came down with some illness the rest of us just sort of expected to get it.  We have four sets of parents and four homes, and we’re so past the point of caring about impressions.  Now that we’re supposedly “grown ups”, life is busy and we don’t see each other as much. But when we do get together, we’re still the same little girls, (minus the braces and sometimes questionable haircuts).  We still laugh until our stomachs hurt, and talk all at once about everything we can think of.  They helped make me the person I am today, and I’m so glad we got to grow up together.

Yeah, these are my homegirls.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way



The woman’s got a lot going for her.  For one she’s got a steady and exciting job.  She also dresses so sharply in those cute little reporter suits and pumps (and the hats, don’t even get me started on the hats.)  and, oh yeah, Superman’s in love with her.

Seriously though, I admire many qualities in the fictional Lois Lane.  So, I give you the five reasons that I want to be her when I grow up:

1. She’s brave, and although this bravery gets her into trouble on an exceedingly regular basis Superman’s always around to save her hide.  She doesn’t have any qualms about doing whatever needs to be done to get a story, but for her it’s about more than getting a story because she also believes in…

2. Standing up for what she thinks is right, and she does so no matter what.  She’s not afraid to disagree with people. She’s spunky and strong-willed and when she gets involved in something she follows it through, which lends itself well to her…

3. Strong work ethic.  When duty calls she’s ready and willing.  While she may be classified as a bit of a workaholic, the commitment she shows to telling the truth and getting all the facts is proof that she understands…

4. The power she holds. Words carry a tremendous amount of weight, and the written word even more so.  Once something’s been printed it’s next to impossible to really make it go away.  Lois understands the fact that she has influence over people’s opinions, and because of that their actions.

My last quality isn’t actually a quality at all (unless you want to call it ability to ask for help.) Drumroll please, the fifth thing I find awesome about Lois Lane is…

5. Her handy-dandy invincible bodyguard; Superman!  I mean the comic book writers would like to say that he patrols all of the world, but clearly you’re only safe if you’re in Metropolis and only then if you’re within 50 feet of Lois Lane.  Lois gets herself into trouble all the time, so despite his lightening speed I don’t see how Superman could ever get very far.  So, yes I certainly would be a bit bolder if I had someone around to save me from certain death every other day.

So, you see, I aspire to be like Lois Lane, because she doesn’t need to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or faster than a speeding bullet, or even more powerful than a locomotive.  She’s just a normal, super power free gal, who still does her part to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Oh, yeah, the fact that she married Clark Kent/Superman doesn’t hurt either.



A heart full of sunshine


I have been given a gift, a monumental gift.

It is the gift of life,

of grace,

and of joy.

My once black heart is now a beacon of light,

People everywhere are looking for ways to gain that light.

Our hearts were not intended to be so dark.  They were created in the image of their creator who is the very essence of light.  Every person cries out for not just a brightened heart, but a brand new heart.

I forget that I have this gift,  the gift that is so desperately needed by everyone, and I hide it.  I start to believe that I too have a dark and empty heart.  That maybe it’s not as special as I once thought it was.

I don’t want to imposition people, or make them uncomfortable.  I don’t want to lose friends, or alienate people.  Then I feel as though the gift is really a burden.  I lose sight of the fact that the people around me have a need, the same need that I once had,

So, this year my goal is to reflect the light that I’ve been given and to look for opportunities to point others to the One who can meet their needs.

Thematic Photographic 129-Wet


This week’s Thematic Photographic is wet,  my pictures aren’t just wet, but frozen wet.

In the week between Christmas and New Years I went to a conference in CO with my church.  On our last day there we drove through the snow to our Pastor’s favorite place…

Ice cream’s never out of season!

Fortunately we sat in the building where the heater was.

Check out more great Wet pictures here.

What’s your story?

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Everyone has a story.

Some stories are full of adventure and excitement.  Some are more “average”.

Some people have a hard time telling their stories, while others can’t wait to share.

Regardless of who you are, you have a story.  Right now your story is incomplete, but when your last page is given the last word, what will your story say?

I want my story to be one that is woven with grace.  The extraordinary grace that I’ve been given, and the grace that I in turn (hopefully) give to others.  I want to leave a legacy of love.  I want my story to be like that of Much Afraid becoming Grace and Glory.  I want my story to show a life changed, a good work that was not given up on.  I want my story to be a story that I willingly gave up to the One who writes the best stories of all.

Everyone has a story.

What do you want yours to look like?

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