Welcome to my blog.  I know a lot about somethings, and nothing about a lot of things.  I want to be a writer, so I figured a blog would be a good way to practice.  I’ve discovered however that this is harder than I first thought.

Should I be pithy and witty?

Or perhaps I should take the lengthy and deep approach.

I could write in the form of a poem,

or a story.

I could pen my thoughts on New Years resolutions, or talk about the events of last year.

I could write about me, or other people.

About things I like or things I don’t.

But for the time being I think I’ll just write something…introductory!

If you’re reading this you probably know me, or you were trying to figure out how to spell superfluous by way of google.  You can call me Sweetanlo. I like reading and chocolate (Both separately and together).  I have a whole bunch of younger siblings and a dog.  I use only Apple computers, (except at work which doesn’t count), and sometimes (ok, often) I talk too much.  I love Jesus because He first loved me, and I’m working on being more like Him.

That’s just about all for now.

Later days.