I have been given a gift, a monumental gift.

It is the gift of life,

of grace,

and of joy.

My once black heart is now a beacon of light,

People everywhere are looking for ways to gain that light.

Our hearts were not intended to be so dark.  They were created in the image of their creator who is the very essence of light.  Every person cries out for not just a brightened heart, but a brand new heart.

I forget that I have this gift,  the gift that is so desperately needed by everyone, and I hide it.  I start to believe that I too have a dark and empty heart.  That maybe it’s not as special as I once thought it was.

I don’t want to imposition people, or make them uncomfortable.  I don’t want to lose friends, or alienate people.  Then I feel as though the gift is really a burden.  I lose sight of the fact that the people around me have a need, the same need that I once had,

So, this year my goal is to reflect the light that I’ve been given and to look for opportunities to point others to the One who can meet their needs.