Well, it’s been a whole week since I posted.  My excuse is that school started this week and I’ve it’s been kind of crazy.


These, are my homegirls.  They would laugh at me if I said that in real life.   This picture was taken shortly before I hit my awkward stage, (which I’m still waiting to grow out of, by the way).  I’m the one looking extraordinarily excited about who knows what, (maybe I was wrong about not being in the awkward stage yet).  We call ourselves the square (because there’s four of us, like the four sides of a square.  Clever right?)  We’ve been best friends for just about as long as I can remember.   Together we made it through all twelve grades.  We’ve had serious talks, and watched a lot of really silly romantic comedies.  We’ve sung too loudly to the radio, and talked too loudly in the middle of the night.  We’ve boosted the sales of countless clothing lines, and cookie dough makers.  We talk about everything from boys, to our imaginary future kitchens, (mine’s going to be sort of old fashioned with checkered curtains).  We have birthday parties, and reading parties.  We’ve taken trips together and spent long summers at home, full of sleep overs and trips to the library.  We cheered each other on at recitals, soccer games, play performances, and most recently at our High School graduations.  We’ve bickered quibbled, and had our thoughtless moments, but we’ve stuck it out.  When one of us came down with some illness the rest of us just sort of expected to get it.  We have four sets of parents and four homes, and we’re so past the point of caring about impressions.  Now that we’re supposedly “grown ups”, life is busy and we don’t see each other as much. But when we do get together, we’re still the same little girls, (minus the braces and sometimes questionable haircuts).  We still laugh until our stomachs hurt, and talk all at once about everything we can think of.  They helped make me the person I am today, and I’m so glad we got to grow up together.

Yeah, these are my homegirls.