1. The most convenient place for a pencil, is in my hair.

2. Math wasn’t actually created for the sole purpose of crushing my dreams. (It has a couple other purposes too)

3. Sleep becomes more important and less likely to happen.

4. So, naps are a good thing.

5. You don’t necessarily have to do all the reading assigned… (But I do mom and dad, really)

6. Homework party is an oxymoron.

7.  It’s not considered socially acceptable to sleep through lecture, regardless of how lulling your teacher’s voice is.

8. Finals are intentionally given at the most inconvenient times possible.

9. It will rain on the one day I am without an umbrella.  All the other times that I have it with me there will be nary a raindrop in sight.

10. Sometimes (like now for instance) blogging is a better use of my time then homework.