Wow, definitely time to blog again. I could make excuses, but really who wants to hear that? Plus I’m just too lazy to make excuses.

When I sit down to write I pretty much settle in for the long haul.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper, or a short story, or a book review, or a grocery list.  I know from the start it’s going to take time.

I begin by opening an empty word document and staring at it for a little while, willing words to jump onto the page.  When that proves fruitless I momentarily give up, this is where the internet comes in.  The internet is the absolute bane of my paper writing existence.  I will waste time doing the stupidest things as a subconscious way to stall, and stall, and stall.  After I’ve wasted spent time not writing, I go back to the document and usually type in my name, and all the pertinent information at the top of the page, and then something incredibly witty like “Snappy title goes here” across the top, and back to the internet.   Then I change the song I’m listening to, or go get something to eat, or stare blankly out the window for awhile.  Once I’ve accomplished this I tell myself that I’ve really got to get started now, and  I do.  Starting is always the hardest part and once I can get my thoughts down on paper I usually experience a burst of productivity.  Then I check my email or maybe *cough cough* write a blog post,  (Busted, this is in fact the sort of avoidance I’m using right now.) also since the blog post is writing I do it in the same A.D.D manner.  So I’m procrastinating within my procrastinating.  Then I glance at the clock and realize with much guilt that I have probably quadrupled the amount of time it should have taken me to do whatever it was I was doing, and so I rapidly and rather ashamedly finish up.  So there you have it, based on my distracted mode of writing, I suspect I will either turn out to be a genius or completely and totally nuts.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.