Dear Sweetanlo,

It has been one month since last you posted, 30. whole. days.  At first you weren’t a bad blogger, occasionally a little inconsistent but not terrible.  Lately, though you’ve just left me here gathering figurative dust.

Time after time you would open a new post.  I would feel the usual rush of joy, and wonder excitedly what you were going to post,  but after only a few sentences you would close it again, (which is another thing, you should really clean out the drafts folder, you’re bogging me down with all those post beginnings.)

Don’t just leave me here hanging in cyberspace.  Come back and write again, (if only because your dad says he’ll only let you keep living here rent free if you blog, and you’re not sure how serious he is.)

This, dear blogger, is your wake up call.


Your blog.