Tomorrow I will be finished with my first year of school, then perhaps I will visit this sight more regularly (perhaps).  I just happen to be one of those very fortunate people who not only gets to take finals, but also catches a terrible cold right before them and then spends finals week getting progressively sicker each day.  So, in these last hectic moments before school ends I’ve decided to present you with what I do best in a hurry, that’s right: a list.

6 things that happen when I’m sick.

1. Really stupid things make me cry. Really stupid, it could be anything from a hallmark commercial to the fact that I walked all the way into another room without bringing the thing I needed.

2. I laugh at things that aren’t really funny, for an awkwardly long time, (clearly I’m just an emotional basket case when in the throes of illness.)

3. I become increasingly less intelligent as time goes on. (Which is really a problem when I’m studying for finals.)

4. Fine motor skills, like typing and opening those little foil seals on the medicine go out the window.

5. I become less focused and increasingly more distracted, Facebook becomes even more the bane of my existence than it was before.

6. I start making their/there/they’re mistakes, which is pretty troubling to someone as annoyingly particular about grammar and spelling as myself. (I have been referred to as grammar nazi, and grammar police but I prefer grammar ninja.)

That’s it, I was considering ten but I got lazy (which probably would have been number 7) and stopped at 6.  So, you may now return to your regularly schedule life, stay tuned for my other riveting life events and reflections.