Tonight was the final night of Vacation Bible School at church.  I helped out as a crew leader; meaning I helped another lady take a group of kids around to different stations with different activities, held together by a single theme.  This was my 6th time as a crew leader and just like every year as VBS ends I realize how much it blesses me and all the things it reminds me of:

I’m never too old to crawl inside a giant “whale” and relearn the story of Jonah,

I’m never too cool to run around in the grass playing freeze tag,

My palate is never too sophisticated to eat pretzels covered in frosting

and I am never, ever too fashionable to spend the week wearing a lime green shirt with a giant panda on the front.

But more than that I realized that yelling “Thank you God!”  a couple hundred times actually has made me stop and give thanks more often.

That having various leaders say that “God loves you no matter what” 40 times in one evening has caused that seemingly simple, but incredible truth to wiggle it’s way further into my brain, and my heart.

I realized that when one of my campers looked up at me and told me that she was going to miss me, and I told her I’d miss her too I really, really meant it.

That the story of salvation is always true, whether it’s told in a solemn preacher voice or by a man in a lime green shirt that happens to matches yours, as you’re sneaking away from a “Roman Soldier”.

So, you see  I’m not really so different from the kids, I’m just a little bit taller.