Since I’m still recovering from the first week back at school, and I’m supposed to be doing homework, I’m posting the first assignment we had in my creative writing class.  The assignment was to objectively describe five items on our desk, we had to describe them well enough to give the reader some insight into the owner without actually letting our emotions or thoughts creep into the paper, so here it is:

The man dressed all in black stands in front of the desk.  He reaches up to adjust the mask covering his face.  First he grabs a mason jar, painted white with pink, blue, and purple hearts stamped on it. Some of the hearts are smeared and some look as if the stamp didn’t have enough paint when it was pressed to the jar.  He winces at the jingling it makes as he picks it up.  It’s less than a quarter full of change, almost entirely pennies and nickels, and one sewing machine bobbin, half threaded.  He sets the jar back down and pushes aside a black and white framed picture of four teenage girls.  All of the girls in the photo are smiling and hugging two of them revealing braces across their teeth.  The frame itself has been sprayed with something to make it shiny and on each side are carefully embossed flowers. His hand brushes an orange silk rose.  It is dusty and the petals are starting to loosen and unravel, it smells slightly of a floral perfume.  He glances down and spots a letter.  It is written in some language other than English, but there is a translation following the original.  The writer is thanking the recipient for the support and asking for prayers for school.  On the back is a crayon drawing, of a little girl with stick arms and legs and ears that are far too large. He reaches for the jewelry box rifling through the five drawers.  Each drawer is decorated: one with flowers, another with strawberries, and three with different bugs.  It is painted in bright girlish colors.  The jewelry inside is somewhat more mature than the box but there is nothing much of value, mostly cheap earrings and a few buttons with clever sayings, as well as the occasional friendship bracelet.  He closes the final drawer and moves on to more profitable pastures.