In an attempt to blog more often, even now on an uninspired Monday, I’m doing a list (shocking I know) of the things that I would not openly admit in public (so I’m posting it on the internet, yes the logic is flawed, but just go along with it)

1. I have an unhealthy attachment to Glee.  Seriously it’s bad news, I have their music on my iPod and we TiVo it, but worse is that I actually know what’s going on with the storyline.

2. Freshman or Sophomore year in high school I read the vast majority of the Babysitters Club books. Someone gave us a whole bunch of them and rather than flee I picked one up.  I discovered I could read at least one a day so I read them, and read them and read them.  But I was not proud of it even at the time.  I sort of hid them if anyone other than my family saw me reading them. “That’s not my book, I’m…holding it for a friend.”

3. I remember an absurd amount of completely unimportant and ridiculous things.  The other night my sister, dad and I sang sitcom theme songs on the way home from somewhere.  We remembered enough that it actually took us the full 45 minutes home.

4. There are certain words that I consistently and rather embarrassingly misspell.  Words such as, consciousness, and acquaintance. But if I keep writing about these words I figure eventually the way they’re spelled should stick.

5. About half the time in Creative Writing classes I only pretend to understand the supposed deep and hidden meanings that everyone else finds in these apparently fabulous authors.

Well, that’s all I’ve energy to come up with.  Happy Monday!