• Why the little brother who emptied the dishwasher for me today only did 75% of the silverware. Most of it was put away so it wasn’t like he had just completely skipped that section, but there was too many left to say that he had just missed it. Maybe he was okay with me asking him to put away the bowls and cups and forks but had to draw the line at spoons, I don’t know, regardless it was a little bit odd.
  • Hiking: It’s not hiking itself I’m unclear on (one foot in front of the other at an incline), it’s the fact that people enjoy it.  I have had many friends who’ve tried to convince me that hiking is wonderful, and I’ll love it.  They also don’t seem to believe me when I tell them that they don’t want me hiking with them, I am a clumsy, wimpy, whiny hiker. These friends are all, always wrong about my hidden affection for hiking. Despite their best attempts,  I still believe that hiking should be reserved for a “Von Trapps fleeing the Nazis” sort of situation.
  • Ugg boots, a hoodie, and really short shorts: This is a fashion statement that is completely lost on me. I think it must be that my peers who sport these outfits are be either confused -they cannot decide if they are hot or cold, so they decide to cover all of their bases, until they figure it out- or, they are poor and cannot afford two complete outfits, so in an effort to have something for both cold and warm weather they buy half an outfit for each season and are then forced to wear them together.
  • Why when I use the bathroom sink at work on the far right, the one on the far left turns on.  Even more confusing is the fact that it doesn’t do it every single time, I’ve tested.  This needy sink who apparently doesn’t get used enough, and decides when it wants to go on, is definitely not efficient.
  • How I could possibly not have loved watermelon as a child: I used to think that watermelon was a bland fruit that was hardly worth the mess.  Then a couple of years ago something changed and I realized how much I enjoyed eating watermelon.  I think love is not a sufficient word to describe my affection for this fruit. I eat it like  a little kid: piece, after piece, totally not caring that I am covered in sticky pink juice. I need a watermelon bib like some people need those lobster bibs.
  • Why advisers at my University don’t talk to each other (I understand the the humanities building no longer has telephones but I know they all have emails).  Because of this communication breakdown they tell me conflicting things, leading me to wonder if I will in fact ever be able to graduate, or if I’ve gotten stuck in some twisted (and yet boring) twilight zone.
  • Who is stealing half of all my socks; who in the world would want one of about 800 pairs of socks any more than I do?