Theatre is one of the most worthwhile things i do.

Performing is something that I am wired to love. I enjoy the challenge of learning a song, or a role, and then doing it well (or not, but learning how to do it better).

The theatre classes I have taken have been the most beneficial to me as a person. I don’t think that everyone should take theatre classes (I have friends who would be incredibly uncomfortable in any sort of acting class), but for me I have learned things I didn’t expect: like, how what I believe plays out in my life and where certain lines fall, how to be a little more effusive, and not to take myself so seriously.  If you have really good teachers (and I have been blessed enough to have several fantastic teachers), they will push you. They will force you out of comfort zones in a safe place. They will call you on not trying, laziness, and fear.  Of the friends I’ve made since I started school the ones I’ve met in theatre are the the ones I know the most deeply, the ones I have interacted with most and made a fool of myself in front of.

Theatre kids take care of each other. It is true that sometimes (like anyone) we can be competitive, petty, and catty. But (especially in the university setting), they are also some of the warmest, most accepting, encouraging people I know. It is a family that is created as everyone works to craft something we can be proud of. Theatre forces vulnerability as you try things that sometimes just don’t work at all.  It teaches you to laugh at yourself, and makes you willing to embarrass yourself and fall on your face. And if you’re in it with the right group of people they will laugh at you and with you, but they will also help you dust yourself off and spur you on to trying again.