My first post of 2013 is a vain one, as it is just a collection of facts about me.   These are some of the things about me that are likely weird and irritating, but I choose to believe are cute:

When someone waves awkwardly it instantly endears them to me.  This is because I too, have a waving problem.  When I see someone flap their hand at me  like they’ve lost control over their fingers (in a way I am familiar with) I so appreciate the effort put forth despite inability, it makes me feel important.  Also, it’s nice to know I’m not the only human being who can’t grasp basic motor skills.

I am clumsy.   I trip on nothing.  My feet get in the way of, well, my feet. I can also walk into the same desk corner/wall/article of furniture over and over again without ever learning that I should take that turn just a little bit differently, or just actually pay attention to what I’m doing.

I am absentminded, kind of.  Really I am fairly conscientious with a near-pathological fear that I am absentminded.  I remember to put the keys in my purse but freak out five minutes later because I can’t remember if I remembered to put the keys in my purse (I have dumped my purse out several different times, in multiple locations).  I become convinced that I forgot to fill out my time card, when in reality it was complete on time and exactly the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t forget to put my name on homework assignments yet as soon as I turn something in I become positive that it is the best paper I’ve ever written but it’s unintentionally anonymous. (My caveat is that sometimes I am completely spacey and do totally inane things.  So perhaps my fear of absentmindedness is in fact, legitimate.)

I laugh incredibly easily. I laugh at movies, t.v. shows, websites, books, things my friends say, things the people at the table in the restaurant next to me say, my dad’s insistence on wearing the paper pirate hats in Long John Silver’s, things I see on billboards, faces my little sister makes at the dinner table, this commercial (every time), the list goes on and on. Anyway, I laugh easily and I laugh hard. Things that could potentially make other people chuckle mildly or smile to themselves cause me to laugh audibly and obnoxiously, while convulsing as though I’m being poked with a cattle prod. Another thing is that I don’t really like my laugh.  One of my best friends has an adorable laugh, it the cutest giggle I’ve ever heard. I am not so lucky; my laugh (which as I’ve already pointed out, I hear all the time) is something I’ve come to terms with, but not something I find very pleasant to listen to. I’m also a crier, (under the right circumstances most of the above list can also trigger tears) which is worse than the laughing.

I don’t write enough, partly because I’m lazy but partly because I’m afraid. I’m worried that if I write more I might find out that I’m actually a horrendous writer, and I don’t really have a backup plan. So, the plan for this year is to write a lot more and to be okay with writing a lot of really bad stuff.  This is because I hope that this will help me to get over my fear of writing really bad stuff (this is not to say that I am intending to write poorly, or that I’m not hoping  to actually write some good stuff too). Part of this plan is to be ok if everything that I just wrote in this post falls under the “bad stuff’ category, (which is pretty likely as I’ve just used the word “stuff” four times in the last paragraph…oops, five).