My youngest brother is 8.
He is one of my favorite people.
Some days he is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, others a Ninja, and occasionally he is Mr. Frederickson from Up.
He wants to be a scuba diver when he grows up, and a pilot on his days off.
He loves spaghetti and hates pancakes.
He listens to and obeys his teachers, and takes care of his little sister.
I suspect that he is Batman.
He loves riding the school bus.
He talks to me, anytime he gets a chance (and talks, and talks, and talks).
His knock knock jokes make the least sense of anything I’ve ever heard
His favorite song is “This Old Man,” and his favorite version was performed by the Jackson 5 and Carol Burnett in 1974. (It’s my favorite version too.)

He also has autism. Today is World Autism Awareness Day, and today, I just want you to be aware of my brother. Because he’s one of the sweetest kids I know, and spending time with him enriches my life and I know the lives of others.  Because he is hilarious (despite the bad knock knock jokes).  Because he is a real person. There is no autism mold that he walked out of, no box that he fits exactly in.  And also, because he knows the true identities of a multitude of super heroes (which makes him fun at parties). He is my brother, and despite my bias, I think he is remarkable.