My sister, when you fall into the rabbit hole

(as I know you someday will),  do remember who you are.

It is so easy to forget as you plummet away from the world

you’re used to and towards something foreign, but take it from me,

it is easier to land on your feet

when you aren’t busy questioning your identity.


You will grow weary of falling after a time.

At first your stomach will jump into your throat,

you will imagine that the air is rushing by you

(although in fact you’re drifting rather slowly),

and you will speculate about what it is you are going to find

at the bottom of your fall, but after a couple of hours


you will sleep. When you awake in Wonderland

you will initially be disoriented. Despite this environmental

change, do not discard your better judgement. You are not

required to do everything inanimate objects direct you to.

Just because it says Drink Me does not mean you must,

in fact I strongly suggest you do not. Growing and shrinking


may sound like fun but just wait until you are literally drowning

in your own tears, then you will understand why mother is always

telling us not to try things until we’ve been given permission,

from a person.  Another thing, darling, the animals are not

the furry little dears we have always been led to believe.

They are, more often than not, downright cruel or confusing,


some of them are both. But the animals are nothing, compared

to the nobility. Beware especially, the Queen of hearts, she will behead

you as soon as look at you, but really she is all talk, I think.

Above all else Edith, remember that they are just cards, you are bigger,

you are stronger, you can do anything you want in Wonderland, and

when you have had your fill just wonder your way back home again.