This is an introductory post to a series over the next couple of months about my summer in 3 countries: America, Ireland and…Texas (it might as well be another country, some of the Texans would like it to be another country).

Early Sunday morning I am leaving for Texas where I will attend two weeks of musical theatre classes taught by professionals.  At the end of June I leave for four weeks in Ireland to study Irish culture, history, and literature.

Getting ready to go on trips stresses me out, so instead of being a responsible adult I’m watching a movie and writing this post.

At the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to do things even though they made me afraid or nervous. It’s not that I was going to run around doing things just because they scared me, but I wasn’t going to  keep from doing things due to fear. I wanted to take opportunities and make bold choices.  I prayed that I would be presented with choices and opportunities and be able to be brave, and I was presented with them.

And it kind of bummed me out. I had mixed feelings, because as cool and exciting as both of the above things are, they’re also uncomfortable and new.  My comfort zone is so, well, comfortable and I thought if I was willing to do something new but nothing came up, that that would be enough for me to not feel bad or like I needed to do anything productive. I hate things I don’t know because there’s no way to plan for them, it’s hard to come up with a contingency plan when I can’t quite establish Plan A.

But I am going to go (I get to go).   I’m actually really, really excited about going (most of the time), and I know that once I get there I will feel better about being there.

I told one of my coworkers what I was doing this summer, and she said “It sounds like you lead  an exciting life.” And I told her that I had never had a summer like this before, that I usually spent my summers reading and working, but it was a nice reminder how incredible an opportunity this summer is.

It may seem silly that going on amazing trips is something that scares me, and maybe it is silly. But I still think that bravery is relative. So, anyone who still happens to read this woefully inconsistent blog (which will hopefully be more consistent this summer), I invite you to live exciting lives in ways that are brave for you.  Don’t be stupid or reckless, but do things that matter, and are important to you and to those around you. Don’t miss out because something could be inconvenient or difficult.

Also, please keep reading here because sometimes really strange things happen to me, and sometimes I say stupid things that I can then retell in an amusing fashion.  I have almost no doubt that my summer of adventure will lead to some pretty interesting stories. And I am all about story.