I made it to Ireland, one day later than I was supposed to, but I am here nonetheless!

Saturday night my first flight was delayed and so I missed my connection to Manchester, which meant that I had to stay overnight in Chicago. This was the first time I had flown in four years and the first time I had ever flown alone, and for several days I’d been stressing about my luggage and missing a connection.  Later after I was checked into a hotel room and was rebooked for a flight to Dublin on the following night (thanks to the help of my stupendous dad), I realized that what I had been worrying about had happened, and it really wasn’t a big deal. Everything was  correctable and worrying about it hadn’t gotten me anywhere. Then I patted myself on the back for learning before even leaving the U.S.

My flight to Dublin was uneventful (I should know, I was completely awake the entire time) and my luggage arrived when and where it was supposed to (which was something else I was somewhat concerned about, when my red suitcase came around on that belt I yanked it off like I was afraid if it kept going it would end up back in Chicago).


Today was my first real day here. We had two lectures this morning on early Irish history, both of which I really enjoyed because I am a super nerd and actually like school. I actually got excited to be back in school learning things that interested me.

I love the weather here, it’s so different from home. Cool, grey,  misty, and everything is very green. Today we went to St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral which was so awesome. There was a  wonderful stained glass window: it was a circle divided into sections with each section telling an element of the creation story in the most gorgeous way. It was impossible to properly photograph and so you’ll just have to see it with your mind.  Then we went to Elizabeth Fort, which really wasn’t a whole lot to see and is currently a functioning police station. It was interesting though, because throughout history the Irish people tore it down and the English made them build it again, and this happened multiple times.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit a castle, I’ve always felt myself to be a princess so it’s just possible I may be finding my rightful place…

A few pictures!
IMG_0116The cathedral

IMG_0115A charming Cork street. The roads are so narrow that the cars feel very close when you’re on the sidewalk.

IMG_0108This sign says “The most beautiful window in Cork…” and was on the ground at the fort in front of  a little barred up window looking out into someone’s yard with a prime view of their dumpster. We figured it dated back to when the fort was a woman’s prison. Even so we weren’t buying that this was the most beautiful window in all of Cork, especially considering the stained glass windows we had just looked at.