Wednesday we had our second day trip, this one to Killarney.

I’ll be real honest, my only knowledge of Killarney came from this:

So really, I had no preconceived notions.

I am enthralled by the landscape here, so much green and so many flowers. It’s  vastly different from what I’m used to.  The first place we stopped overlooking Killarney was similarly beautiful.  It was so breathtaking, I was just in awe of a God who creates like that.


The pictures I took don’t even begin to convey how gorgeous it was at the spot overlooking the water.

From there we drove to Torc Waterfall, also beautiful.



And one with me in it to prove that I was there and not just pulling these off the internet.

After that we went to Muckross house and took a tour.


Muckross house was built in the 1800s by the Herbert family, it’s preserved and they run tours through most of the house. What’s special about this house in particular is that in 1861 Queen Victoria and her entourage came and spent two days here. You may think you have to spend a lot of time preparing for a visit from your in-laws but the Herberts received six years notice from the queen that she was coming, and they started getting ready right away. They bought new carpets, they had rooms redone for the queen, they even had a special sideboard built, which took three years. So, if I’m going to visit anyone I’m going to take my lesson from the queen and give them a minimum of four years notice so they can start sprucing things up (I’ll also leave them  with a rather large portrait of myself to remember me by).

After the house tour we went to get lunch.  One of my friends has been determined to eat shepherd’s pie somewhere.  I am always determined to eat and when what I’m eating involves mashed potatoes and meat I am doubly determined. So, we were quite pleased to discover that the cafe did in fact have shepherd’s pie.
IMG_0727Look, there it is “Traditional Shepherd’s Pie.”

The only problem with our meal choice was that it’s been unusually hot here, basically since I arrived. I thought this wouldn’t be an issue because it still isn’t getting anywhere close to the temperatures back home, but it’s humid. I don’t handle humid very well, I wilt.  Also there aren’t air conditioners anywhere (including on our bus which made for a sticky ride home). So we sat with our shepherd’s pie in the warm restaurant, and as tasty as it was I wished that I was eating a large block of ice instead. We remedied this by finding ice cream as soon as we had finished eating. (Everywhere sells ice cream here, and I have seen so many adults walking around with ice cream cones. This is truly my happy place.)

We spent the remainder of the day walking through the gardens and down to the water.  It was lovely everywhere we went and I was certainly not disappointed with Killarney (despite the lack of Bing Crosby present).

Now, some pictures!


IMG_0798 IMG_0800 IMG_0802 IMG_0803