Wednesday morning I left University College Cork at 7 (too early, waaaaaaay too early) to trek to the bus stop so that we could catch the air coach to Dublin.

IMG_0960It was a lovely morning to be walking, although I feel it might have been a better morning to be sleeping.

We got to Dublin and checked in to Trinity College and got our tickets for the hop-on/hop-off tour bus.  Trinity was a big, beautiful campus and I wish I could’ve spent more time exploring it.


IMG_1222Staying at Trinity was awesome because we were right in the middle of everything, the only complaint we had was that there was no free wifi. This grievance proves that I am exceptionally spoiled.


The building I stayed in at Trinity.  I feel that the old stone  and climbing ivy was somewhat contradicted by the electronic key card lock.

Dublin was incredible, but I actually found it a little overwhelming. I don’t think I’m a big city girl (it also doesn’t help that I haven’t got a sense of direction to save my life so I’m terrified of getting lost). But it was absolutely amazing to visit and I’m so grateful I got to spend a few days there.

The first place we visited was Christ Church Cathedral


Apparently the choir was a part of the premiere of Handel’s Messiah (not the current members, that would make them all 300 years old [originally I left out this parenthetical statement, but I thought “my dad’s going to say something about how old everyone in that choir would be.” so I added it preemptively]) . Also, this cathedral had a crypt. The crypt  smelled funny and had a coffee shop in it, but other than that it was interesting. Also, they had on display a  cat and mouse who had gotten trapped in an organ pipe and become mummified, early predecessors to Tom and Jerry I suppose.

After that we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

IMG_1046This one had a tour, my favorite thing (there is absolutely zero sarcasm in this statement). Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels) is buried there and so is his servant. The servant being buried there was a big deal that Swift had to work for. The plaque was supposed to refer to the man as Swift’s friend, but they just couldn’t do it so it says he was Swift’s servant.

IMG_1086This cathedral also had a statue of St. Patrick (kind of).

IMG_1109(This is a terrible picture, I was standing at a weird angle.)

The tour guide told us that this statue is actually made up of pieces from several different statues, and that it probably isn’t a very good likeness of St. Patrick at all because he wasn’t old enough to have such an impressive beard and he wouldn’t have been wearing these bishop robes. So it was more of a frankenstein statue of some random guy.

After these two churches our class was dismissed and so I went with some friends on a tour of the Guinness Storehouse.

IMG_1178My dad will be happy to know that I really, really, really don’t like Guinness, at all.  This was also the busiest most “touristy” thing I’ve done so far.

After Guinness we finished the day with dinner and I really, really, really did like that, the restaurant we ate at was totally darling. It was called Queen of Tarts. I wanted to live there but they kicked us out at 7 when they closed.

IMG_1210Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Dublin trip in which we  I am briefly stunned by a large quantity of books, go to jail, and make some new friends (those are three unrelated events, I don’t want to make this story sound more interesting than it actually is).