All of creation is a story.

The whole universe is the Author and Perfecter of our faith authoring the perfect story. It’s a gorgeous tale of beauty and joy, of loss and depravity; a story of a light that darkness cannot understand and a love big enough to cure the incurable.

It has all the things we would consider the qualities of a good story. Noble queens and brave generals, shepherds turned kings, close-knit fellowships, and miraculous happenings. All of these elements leading to the climax of a perfect God laying down his life for his sinful and short-sighted creations because it was truly the only way to close the rift between us and Him.

God crafted this story and then wrote it on our very hearts. We are part of it and it is part of us, and it echoes in everything we do.

Tolstoy is quoted as saying: “All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” But I think at the heart of all great literature (and even really terrible literature) is the Gospel. The search for meaning, connection, atonement.

Threads of the story run through comic books, romantic comedies, science fiction, action movies, fantasies, you name it. We are obsessed with ideas of redemption, resurrection, sacrifice, and justice.

Sometimes in our lives it comes out sideways, as we grasp at things we think will fulfill the story, things that turn out to be nothing more than red herrings. But all of it still traces back to the narrative created by the creator of story itself: a good God who is not only powerful and just, but also deeply creative.

It is a living narrative; one in which the characters make choices and move freely while somehow still staying in the capable hands of their writer.

This Good Friday I am reminded not only of the amazing love that was displayed at the cross, but also of the beauty and craftsmanship that this millennia-long story contains. A story that continues to unfold, allowing each of us to be a part of it, a story that starts, as all the best ones do with a once upon a time, and will end with the king  and his people living happily ever after.