(This post is highly scattered; I had a hard time getting my ideas to coalesce into one solid post so it turned into a collection of all over the place thoughts on moving and where I am now.) 

Last Saturday I got into my car with my mom, my cat Tuppence, and pretty much everything I own, and drove 1200 miles across several states to the place where I will be starting my Master of Fine Arts program.

After a week of moving in, shopping at IKEA, unpacking, and learning how to use the air conditioner my mom went home. I really really loved having her and so miss her already, but apparently the people back at home were going to riot if I kept her. 

Now it’s just me and the cat.

 IMG_3801See how cute we are? 

Now it’s time for a new adventure. I know that going to school and getting a job don’t seem all that adventurous, but I figure adventure is relative, much like bravery.

Being alone is something I haven’t much experienced. My house is always loud and active. I enjoy being with my parents and my six younger siblings and leaving them was especially difficult for me.  

IMG_4046  Don’t we look fun and happy?  Clearly we don’t ever irritate, fight with, or throw things at each other. 

My apartment here is in a basement. A fact I wasn’t aware of until we arrived, opened the door and then had to walk down a flight of dingy basement steps to get to the actual living space. Being from the desert, I thought basements were made up. I’m getting used to it though. Now that I have some lights in the living room and a bed to sleep on and as long as I run through the outside hallway and up the stairs really quickly I can mostly pretend that I’m not living in a cave.

For today, I have nothing pertinent to do. A few notes to write, some drawers to organize, all pretty low key stuff. But starting tomorrow, I have to start actually being an adult. I have a tendency to become overwhelmed when I look too far forward and try to accomplish everything for the next six months in the next six minutes. So, in the spirit of eating the elephant one bite at a time, here is a list of long term and short term goals:

Long term goal (LTG): Get my MFA 

Short term goal(STG): Find the correct classrooms this week (as opposed to sitting through a lecture on intro to behavioral psychology, which, interesting as it is, probably has little bearing on my chosen career). 

LTG: Learn how to cook well, with a variety of recipes that I feel confident making.

STG: Don’t do this: 

 UnknownI should be good though because I have a pot specifically designated for ramen. 

LTG: Figure out how to handle my hair which cannot handle the humidity. 

STG: Have hair that doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed when I go to church tomorrow. 

LTG: Learn how to get all around town. 

STG: Go back to here: 

IMG_8837 (I’ve heard it said that we fear what we do not understand. But this picture is full of things I don’t understand: water, large trees, and (I know you can’t see it but believe me it’s there) humidity, yet i feel surprisingly unafraid). 

But I guess really my main goals are to take it one step a time; to learn, all kinds of things; to meet new people; and even to get in a little bit of trouble.